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The group Fantasy-Arts has been moved to CreateFantasyArt

You are welcome to rejoin us there as the submissions to this one are now disabled.

Moving the group?

AnthusCanis (aka CanisAnthus)
Things are getting serious here!

Thank you all for the feedback on the previous journal, and I apologize for not answering. :(
I'll get to it today and answer all the questions!

It's decided, then. The group will be moved and it's already created!
The new group is CreateFantasyArt . Unfortunately, every shorter name, or anything closer to the current group's name was unavailable.
The folders have already been added and basically the group is up and running and you can join today! The only thing left to do is adding the rules and FAQ journals, which will be done later today. :)

The join and art submissions here will be disabled later this week and the group will, well, look and be quite dead.


I'd like to take this chance to thank you all for sticking with us and contributing to our group's gallery! Your support really means a lot and we'd love to see you in our new group as well. :hug:
And if you don't join, I'm still very grateful for your support up until now! :heart:
Hello, our dear members! :wave:

Thank you for your contribution to our group's gallery! Having so many active members is amazing, you are all amazing! :hug::heart:

And now to the matter at hand.
As many of you have probably noticed, we had to limit the number of submissions to 4 submissions per week.
Another thing some of you noticed is that we've been very slow with accepting new submissions.

We've run into a problem. The group's founder stopped visiting dA a long time ago, but we were always able to contact him via other social media to have him change the group settings and what not. Well, now it looks like he's really disappeared, without switching ownership of the group to someone else.
I did ask him to do that, BUT OH WELL.
And now we're stuck. Only co-founders are able to vote on incoming submission and basically I'm the only active co-founder....
With each new folder we create, the contributors lose the ability to vote and see incoming submissions.

The expiration time of submissions has be changed to 1 month though.
But still, I know how frustrating waiting for  weeks to get your art featured in a group is, and sometimes you're waiting only to have it rejected.
I also know how annoying it is to suddenly hit the submissions limit!

So we've been thinking about moving the group. Fantasy-Arts as it is now is slowly, but surely going to die.
What do you think? Literally any kind of comment/feedback is welcome. :shrug:
OK! so let's be honest we need some contests around here, right?
I ask you first since you are the ones that make this group a group.
You peeps are our artists and our MVPs so I ask you

Who wants a Halloween contest!?

(this entry will be updated as things move on and admins talk to each other and you guys add and type your opinions and ideas!)

feel free to comment and since its a new idea i dont know the prizes yet! but, i hope that it will be fun

since i got good feedback from you our members, the contest is hopefully on since im waiting on the rest of the admins to give their feedback and opinions!

it would have 3 winning places, all with prices, honorable mentions and artworks being featured
since its already October and most of us have school, the deadline would be put somewhere in November unless you guys want to be sooner.

So i say this: start making your artworks!

theme:HALLOWEEN! (be creative, make it horror, cute, gore, express yourself, pure freedom)
mediums: divided into TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL! to make it fair (comment below for any questions)
deadline: somewhere in november, dont submit till we have an official folder saying HALLOWEEN

*please no pornographic stuff, i mean i accept nipples and butts but its HALLOWEEN not Valentines or +18 area

*hints: think about your favorite horror movies, the thrill, the ugliness, the randomness and how dumb some are


for anymore questions note me or comment~
First thing's first, read the Submission Guidelines and Rules and FAQ to make sure you didn't break any rules. Literally 99% of all the rejected submissions are art submitted to the wrong folder.
:bulletgreen: Please check all the folders we offer and choose the right one. If you are unsure about it you can always send us a note and ask!

Ok now, you've read the rules and you still don't see why it was declined?
:bulletgreen: Send us a note and ask! It is perfectly possible that we've made a mistake. We're people, maybe the website was lagging, we misread, we were tired or maybe it simply wasn't our day and we wanted to clear the submissions as soon as possible.
:bulletgreen: When sending a note, PLEASE include the link to the submission in question. There is 11 of us and it's impossible to keep track of everything that goes through the voting process.

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