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Each time you see this journal in your messages, it means that the contests have been updated.


Hello members and watchers! :wave:

I've decided to make a journal that will include the list of contests being held by our members or affiliates. If you want me to include your contest on this list, send me a note or leave a comment here. Kiribans are also welcomed.

Contests (in chronological order):

Forgotten-Realms-FC's Unexplored Realms Contest ends on December 14, 2013. More info: CONTEST: UNEXPLORED REALMS :ENDED:---------:Contest brief:-----------
- Manly - Monstrous - Vicious -
:new: THE CONTEST HAS ENDED! Thank you to all our contestants for participating! :new:
Due to the low amount of finished submissions so far, we've decided to extend the deadline by four more days. Make sure to check below for more information.

Make sure you send the note about your entries to the group, not to the admins personally. If you don't, your entry won't be counted and considered legitimate for the contest.

As time has gone by, this group has flowered and gained more and more followers, showing us that the Realms are pretty much alive! To celebrate, we've cooked up a contest - huzzah!
Entries may be *ANYTHING* that stays true to the theme (and to the group rules as featured on the homepage, naturally), be they paintings, animated icons, crafts, usable resources or literature. Just aim to impress us! Here's how to:

baark's The Summoner Art Contest ends on 2014. More info: The Summoner Art Contest - CLOSED, read update
The past couple weeks have just been hectic due to it being Valentine's and whatnot. ^^;
(Not to mention a couple of the people I need to get opinions from haven't been on due to their own reasons.)
Everything is set to be announced by the first week of March at the latest, however.
Thank you for your patience, and I apologise for the wait!

UPDATE 02/09:
No more will be accepted from this point on.
Now comes the toughest part of all... judging.  And it's going to be a difficult task indeed.
Unlike last times when I did all solely by myself, this time I will be getting some assistance from people I know who are also familiar with The Summoner, its premise/background and characters.
Final decisions will be mine, however...
I ask for everyone's patience in this, and it might not be until March that I'm able to find the time to finalise everything.
Best o

DieGoKOF's KOArt Application ends on unknown. More info: :thumb366115386:

gbrobinson's Realm Keepers ends on unknown. More info: here