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This journal contains some important news regarding submissions. Please read carefully.

:star::bulletgreen: NEWS FROM THE STAFF

Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone a successful year! That being said, let's move onto the news.

:bulletblack: This is the first journal of the year (November and December journals weren't published due to obligations) and I decided to bring some changes to the group. Since our number is increasing every day, the number of submissions per day are increasing as well (there can be up to 100 a day). I am going back to school next week and I won't have so much time to take care of everything. As of today, you can now submit 2 DEVIATIONS/MONTH.

:bulletblack: Please take into consideration that I, as well as other admins, have many obligations outside of dA and cannot spend several hours every day just to take care of submissions. Read the Submission guide carefully and make sure you submit to proper categories.

:bulletblack: There is a donation pool open on my profile. The donation pool is open so we can upgrade to SUPER GROUP. We have collected 1742 :points: so far. Please donate!

:bulletblack: In case you think we could use those points for something else, let us know!

:bulletblack: If you have any contests that you'd like our members to know about, comment here: List of ContestsEach time you see this journal in your messages, it means that the contests have been updated.
Hello members and watchers! :wave:
I've decided to make a journal that will include the list of contests being held by our members or affiliates. If you want me to include your contest on this list, send me a note or leave a comment here. Kiribans are also welcomed.
Contests (in chronological order):
Forgotten-Realms-FC's Unexplored Realms Contest ends on December 14, 2013. More info:
baark's The Summoner Art Contest ends on 2014. More info:
DieGoKOF's KOArt Application ends on unknown. More info:
gbrobinson's Realm Keepers ends on unknown. More info: here

:bulletblack: Make sure you read our FAQ on the homepage, and if you still have any questions, feel free to ask!

:star::bulletred: NEWS FROM THE MEMBERS

85 Join Requests accepted.
315 Gallery Items accepted (1 denied).
Most active member were JoPainter and myself.
Newest member is Nayuu-chan

Make sure you check out the following journals:

Interview with *goldshroomMerry Christmas everyone! :santa:
I have been busy with school and holiday stuff, but I've managed to have a mini-interview with one of our members, goldshroom. So here we go.
1. Who or what is your biggest inspiration for writting?
My disabled dad, my handicapped uncle, and virtually anyone who has had a difficult time finding a place in modern society. Everyone stuck in the middle, in a sense. Between the wars, political battles, changes in climate, and advances in technology, I think it becomes far too easy to forget those who have difficulty finding purpose. I'd like to tell them that nothing is purposeless. I'd like to tell them the quote I'm most likely to be famous for: "Nothing is random. Everything is a plot device."
2. How long have you been writting, and what made you start writting?
I've been writing ever since I was seven years old. I started with simple stories and songs, but became interested in fanfiction and poetry by the time I t

Interview with ~VilenchikIf you look at our homepage, you will see a wonderful piece of art called 'Heroes of the Four World Moons'. Vilena is a digital artist from Moldova and has been on dA for 4 years, so let's meet her!
1. First of all, tell us something about yourself. How and when did you start drawing and photographing, and who inspired you to do that?
I think about photography is not worth talking about, because I do not consider myself particularly skilled in this, I would rather photo-model)) regarding the drawing, my first feeble attempts took place in 2006.
2. What is your favourite type of art and what do you like to draw the most?
It so happened, that I gradually moved from collage to create my own images from scratch, and at this moment the digital painting is my favorite occupation.
3. Do you have a favourite work that you mad

Advertisement: MorphE - The ChampionshipThis awesome artwork by shadowednavi is definitely something you need to see.  
:star:The artist says: "[...] I'm really happy with how this turned out for a few reasons. First, because it's a solid group shot (hopefully!) highlighting all the characters we've been growing attached to over the course of the past fourteen months playing this game. But second, and more importantly, I used this picture as profile practice. My goal was to emphasize the differences in each person's profile and facial structure."
"No two people have the same facial structure in real life, why should my drawings?"
:star:"The main differences are in gender and race. I wanted to make sure all the males and females LOOKED male and female. Also, Asia is Indian. Nakayama is Japanese. Indian and Japanese people have slightly different features than caucasian people. I've found when drawing c

#AsmodeusFans Advertisement:iconasmodeusfans::iconasmodeusfans::iconasmodeusfans::iconasmodeusfans::iconasmodeusfans::iconasmodeusfans:
Do you like snakes, demons, and hypnotic villains? Well, here's a guy who's all of those things: Asmodeus! He's an evil snake demon bent on world domination, and he's going to use all his seductive wiles and hypnotic powers to get what he wants. He's an egotistical bastard and a suave cassanova, and god help you if you try to cross him! Join the group if he sounds like your kind of demon!
A group for all fans, lovers (and more, ;D) of geekgirl8's main villain in her story, The Temptation of Kenneth, Asmodeus! :D The demon of greed, a sexy evil hypnotizing snake man who loves expensive wine and world domination ('cause srsly, what goes with world domination better than wine?).

:bulletblack: FEATURES
See this for more info on advertising in our group!

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:hypermind: DriveByArtist's art.

:pc: RiseOfLegionsArt's website.

:groups: The-Closing-Ring :iconthe-closing-ring:

:trophy: Red-wolf-Ink's contest.



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